Mega Rise is a slot machine developed by Red Tiger Gaming.

Increase by a factor of 100 with the Mega Rise.

Mega Rise is Red Tiger’s latest reimagining of the conventional fruit machine, and what sets it apart from the competition, in addition to the fact that it provides a delightfully authentic gaming experience, is the fact that rewards can be multiplied by as much as one hundred times. This mouthwatering possibility is due to the introduction of Mega Rise and Golden Mega Rise chips, which inspired the name of the game. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at them and see how they function.

Where Conciseness and Thrillingness Meet

This fruit-themed online slot machine is designed to appeal to people who have a nostalgic fondness for the straightforward games that were popular in the past, when the majority of the game’s symbols were of a fruity type and the mechanics were uncomplicated. In light of this fact, Mega Rise is a slot machine with three reels, three rows, and five pay lines. The action takes place against an abstract backdrop, which is pleasing to the eye but does not take away from the gameplay.

Cherries, grapes, watermelons, lemons, bells, a silver star, and red-hot triple 7’s are just some of the fruits, vegetables, and other items that populate the reels in this game. As you might expect, the majority of the symbols will be completely recognizable to you. You’ll also see a Mega Rise chip and a Super Mega Rise chip, and those are the additional symbols that transform this traditional fruit machine into something that’s truly one of a kind.

Take a look at the Multiplier on the Rise.

A component referred to as the Rising Multiplier bar can be found to the right of the third reel. This is where symbols go to be stored once they have been won with other symbols. For instance, if you acquire a winning combination of cherries, you’ll see a cherry appear in the bar that represents the rising multiplier. If you receive another combination of cherries, then the value of the cherry in the Rising Multiplier bar will be applied to your win, and the value of that multiplier will increase by one for the next time it is used. The Multiplier bar, on the other hand, only has place for three symbols, so if you acquire additional winning combinations in the interim, the cherry may very well be removed from it because there isn’t enough room for it there.

Chips denominated Mega Rise and Super Mega Rise

If you get a Mega Rise chip on the reels, either one of two things will happen: either one of the symbols in the Rising Multiplier bar will be locked in place until it helps to improve a winning combination, or one of the symbols will be chosen at random and its multiplier value will grow. A Golden Mega Rise chip performs a function that is analogous to the one described above; however, in this case, the multiplier value will increase by a bigger amount, or the symbol that it locks into place in the Rising Multiplier bar will remain locked for two winning spins.

Win More Than 5,000 Times Your Original Bet!

You have the opportunity to earn more than 5,000 times your initial bet if you play the slot machine game Mega Rise, which is a really enjoyable reinvention of the traditional fruit machine. Go to your favorite establishment that features Red Tiger games to give it a try, and best of luck to you!