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OG News is a free service that delivers independent, unbiased news and analysis on sports and entertainment that is important to the betting public. It is open to anybody who wants to read it.

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In order to deliver high-quality coverage of sports and entertainment that we feel will be of interest to our readers, OG News employs independent freelancers.

We maintain a pool of outstanding writers who have pledged to cover the news in a professional manner and never to deliberately mislead our readers. We don’t take stuff from other websites. Plagiarism is considered a dismissible crime.


We gather and create news from a variety of trustworthy sources, including press releases, social media, local media, trade journals, mainstream news organizations, and gaming industry contacts, all of whom at different points give information, viewpoint, and factual confirmation. Do you have anything juicy? Send news tips to newstips@onlinegambling.com if you have any.


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Contributors Who Make a Difference

A few contributions from other sources are accepted by OG News on a regular basis. Articles must be current, relevant, and non-promotional in character in order to be evaluated for publishing consideration.

We have the right to modify submissions for length and style if they are too long or too short.

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Relationships in the business world

In contrast to the economic operations of Online Gambling, the editorial content of OG News is determined by editorial decisions.

Our authors have no financial ties to the subjects of their tales, and they are required to notify their editor(s) if they are engaged in secondary job or freelance work that poses a potential conflict of interest.

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OG News is looking for writers.

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